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Re: Obscure Music: Rock, Jazz, etc

Originally Posted by dr wu View Post
What did you think of JK and Co, Tomorrow, and Fire....?
Go ahead....make my day.
I'm a fan of old psych rock and early proto prog... I love that period when bands were trying to be more than just regular rock and were getting weird...'66-'69/70 but not quite prog yet.
Sorry, I did check them out and forgot to mention them. First of all i've had Tomorrows album forever, but havent listened to it in years, but i'm familiar with that (although I look like a dummy for not knowing or forgetting Howe was in the band).

JK and Co. I need to check out more. I love Psych but the constant backwards organ was grinding on me a little. I'm sure I would dig some other stuff of theirs though.

The Fire tune,,,,,love it. I will be checking out more of them. I like the song so much I might just order the album tonight. Glad you turned me on to that.
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