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Re: Promoting!!!

Originally Posted by APageMark View Post
I know you have families, so this is probably tough, but do you guys gig in NC at all?
We don't, but I would love to. We used to travel a bit more back in the earlier days, but not so much anymore. We've talked about trying to do it more again in the future, but certainly not on a large scale. Probably more of a regional thing. We are in Knoxville, TN, so NC wouldn't be a huge stretch depending on what part you are in.

Between families (all but one of us are married and there are 6 kids within the band so far), full time jobs and other commitments, the band has become more of a hobby and a way to score some free beer at shows than anything else. Luckily, we still have a great relationship with our label (very small independent) that doesn't mind the fact that we don't get to travel to support the albums much anymore. Most of us grew up together and somehow we've managed to still enjoy each other's company even after 20+ years of friendship and 10 years in a band together.
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