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Re: Obscure Music: Rock, Jazz, etc

Originally Posted by dr wu View Post
Liked the first song by Ashley Park the best..the second one is kind of boring to me.
Rhodes had a few decent songs years ago b ut never thought that much of him...a bit twee for me.
And did you mean Mick Jagger or The Jaggerz..?
I meant Mick. Miles voice reminds me of cross between Rhodes and Mick. I also eluded to the 'Poor Mans' versions because your not going to get anything ground breaking by Ashley Park. Just the opposite actually. Its always somewhat stripped down and bare,

Ashley Park is a hard sell, but I really dig sitting down with one of their records and burning down. Many will find it mundane and boring per se, but there are moments and it just clicked with me.
Donovan: If he (Paul McCartney) fell on the piano, by the time he picked himself up he would have written three songs.

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