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Music Note Re: Moby Explains Why Music Today is Shit

Here's another very good article about the music that dominates hit charts these days:

Is Pop Music Fake? - The New Yorker

Originally Posted by The New Yorker
Almost all the music you hear on Top Forty radio these days is made on machines. You may hear a real guitar once in a while, but an actual drum sound is pretty rare.
Originally Posted by The New Yorker
But was it just the whiskey talking, or was Grohl onto something? The gist of the backlash against his comments was that in extolling the playing of an instrument over the programming of a computer, Grohl was privileging rock over dance, electronica, and hip-hop.
Interesting that sneering at recordings done by computers is seen by some as politically incorrect these days. And expecting groups to play their own instruments is somehow "elitist" and "hurtful" to certain groups.

Another one:

Yup, it really does all sound the same.

And a quickie:

Science Proves: Pop Music Has Actually Gotten Worse -

A quick executive summary:

The video and articles address the increasing homogenization/sameness of pop music these days across both many artists' individual catalogues as well as across artists. Modern pop music all sounds the same (awful) because of lack of variety in four ways:

1. Tonal/frequency range. There's been a dramatic decrease in timbral diversity in pop music over the last fifty+ years meaning there's not as much range these days between the highest and the lowest notes in pop hit recordings.

2. Lack of dynamic range. It's all LOUD, as opposed to soft, soft, LOUD or soft, soft, soft, LOUD. This phenomenon has come to be termed the "Loudness Wars". And these loudness wars have also decreased the tonal range of pre-existing recordings because in order to get extra loudness throughout an entire recorded piece, the tonal range must be concentrated/compressed into the mid range frequencies. The way this is done is by clipping the extreme high and low notes from the recording. That's right, notes are clipped from recordings and presto, we're left with a LOUD but lossy recording.

3. Drummers with as wide a variety of drum beats and styles as the human imagination permits have been replaced in recording studios by drum machines operated by recording engineers. Sorry, but if you rely on the imagination of recording engineers, variety is the last thing you're going to get.

4. Present day pop hits all tend to feature the "millennial whoop" chord structure, i.e. sound pattern. This is not at all surprising since at the time these articles were written, the majority of pop hits were being composed by one of two fellows, Max Martin or Lukasz Gottwald.

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