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Re: CRF2 Best of the 90ís Poll: Recommendations Thread

Originally Posted by darkglasses View Post
Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Broken Arrow

The 90s is not one of my favorite decades for Neil Young. But he released two of his greatest albums... the obvious Ragged Glory and the less obvious Broken Arrow. Just a phenomenal record. In my mind it's the deepest record Neil Young has made since Ragged Glory far and away, even now. The songwriting is better on Ragged Glory, but Broken Arrow's instrumentations are deeper than Glory's.

"I was walking down main street... not the sidewalk, but mainstreet." In a decade where Neil Young consistently released records which appear to strive towards hip darkness, Broken Arrow is the only one which truly succeeds in my mind. Sleeps With Angels, Mirror Ball, they have some great songs, no doubt. But Broken Arrow is deeper. I know I keep saying that, but I keep feeling it. The record's production is immaculately cool, with the music heavy and way up in the mix. It almost sounds like he could have Albini behind the glass. There's nothing really bluesy about the record, but it makes me think of Albert King or Albert Collins, because it's just this musical record, the whole point is to get this music out, these aren't lyrical, chorus-driven songs. And at the best portions, these guitar parts are the most inspired I've heard from Neil since Everybody Knows This is Nowhere! Parts of it seem to melt and vibrate into almost a noise type groove.
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