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Re: CRF2 Best of the 90ís Poll: Recommendations Thread

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Burzum -- Filosofem

Write-up: Black Metal began as the antithesis of all things traditional and the rejection of all things commercial. Yet one man admist the founders stood up on his own and decided not to follow even the traditions of his follow black metalers. On Filosofem, Burzum crafts a work for the ages which appears at once the epitome' of modern music and the reborn spirit of centuries past. With the dignity of classical composition and the electric magnitude of modern creation, Filosofem stands unknowingly and in equal parts as the precursor to the bombastic camp of modern black metal and the atmospheric strains of modern post-rock. As epic and overpowering as it is subtle and atmospheric, it seems to leave metal behind and usher in a new (as of yet unfollowed) age where noise and indie and extreme music collide under the banner of ancient strength.
I've been meaning to check out Burzum before their new album comes this the best place to start?
Are you a fan of extreme metal, or no? For a metal fan, Burzum's self-titled debut is the easiest place to start, while for people who aren't interested in metal, Filosofem is certainly the place to start. Or if you want something a little inbetween, go for Det Som Engang Var. The only one I wouldn't reccomend out of the early albums is Hvis Lyset Tar Oss, which seems to be a favorite for ultra-kvlt metalheads but I find it falls behind the brilliance of Burzum, Filosofem and Det Som Engang Var.
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