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Exclamation Re: Ted Nugent Celebrates Trump's Presidential Victory: 'Thank You, America' - Ultima

I agree! But why was the Clinton campaign so daft that it wasn't running ads in the Eastern European ethnic press making this point? There are 9.5 MM Americans of Polish ancestry. Why did the Democrats not buy full page ads in the Polish press showing Red Army tanks rolling into Warsaw the day after Trump's inauguration?

The Clinton campaign was blanketing the media, but with ads that missed the point entirely. I listen to Chicago Blackhawks games on WGN Radio. Who listens to Blackhawks' games on the radio? What's the demographic here? Older white men, probably working a second job as gas station attendants, security guards, kitchen cooks, etc. The Democrats were running ads on the games last week hammering Trump and the Republicans for not respecting women! Huh?! I mean why would an audience with a demographic of working class white men care? Why were the ads not telling them that Trump's protectionist policies would raise prices, raise their taxes and endanger economic growth? Why didn't the Democrats focus on a message of jobs, jobs, jobs? Who did they think was listening to Blackhawks' games? Their base of welfare recipients in Chicago?

And aren't women full grown adult human beings with minds of their own? Do they need to be patronized with ads touting "respect"? What do women really want? They want higher paycheques, same as everybody else! So why was the Clinton campaign not targeting women with the point that Trump's protectionism will raise the prices of the things you buy and cost you your job?

Just stupidity on the part of the Clinton campaign.

Moreover, what probably hurt the Clinton campaign more than anything were precisely those promises on the part of the Hollywood set and various other hangers on to emigrate to Canada if Trump won. I can just imagine the typical man on the street thinking "You mean I can get rid of all these assholes too just by voting against that lying bitch Clinton? Where do I sign up?!!!"

Unbelievable the arrogance of some(many?) Americans thinking that we here in Canada can't wait to welcome them here with open arms. You just ran an election that was nothing but wall-to-wall mudslinging. We don't need that in our country.

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